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Welcome to CDJ Juba

At CDJ Juba, we take pride in offering a diverse and delightful dining experience. Our menu features
a fusion of flavours from various cultures, showcasing traditional dishes with a refreshing twist.
Specializing in Western, Asian, and African cuisine, we aim to cater to everyone.
We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your comfort. Our polite and
professional staff will be at your service to make your visit enjoyable.
Open seven days a week, we welcome you to indulge in our delectable offerings. On weekends, our
extended hours from Saturday 11 am to 12 am and Sunday 12 pm to 11 pm will ensure you have
plenty of time for your dining experience.



Get to Know Us

Whether you prefer our cozy indoor seating or refreshing outdoor seating, we have a comfortable
space for you to enjoy your meal.
Located conveniently in the heart of Footscray, CDJ Juba is easily accessible for locals and visitors

From the bar

Our bar is fully stocked with a wide selection of beverages, including cocktails prepared by our
skilled bartenders. Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day, catch up with friends, or celebrate a special occasion, our Shisha Lounge provides the perfect setting for a memorable and relaxing time.

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